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Licensed Medicare Part D agents represent virtually every insurer in the United States. No one knows the rules and regulations of the Medicare industry better than the local insurance agent.

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Humana Medicare Part D Plans

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Why you should have a Humana Medicare D plan?

Certainly, not all Medicare Part D plans are created alike. And when you know the real score about the state of Part D plans, you will know that it’s hard to choose one – because there can be as many as 100 plans from 50 different plan providers in one county alone.

Certain brands, as with any product, are considered more prominent than others and Humana Part D plans can count themselves as one of these. What makes them stand out from the crowd is the added flexibility when it comes to plan options. There is a choice of three standalone PDPs (prescription drug plans) which can be additional to your existing policy as Medicare supplements.

These prescription drug plans are: 1) Humana Standard PDP, offering minimal coverage at a lower price; 2) Humana Enhanced PDP, offering co-payments with no deductibles charged; 3) Humana Complete PDP, offering extensive coverage, including generic drugs, lower co-payments and no deductibles charged.

Humana also has Medicare Advantage plans if you ever need health coverage on top of your prescription drug plan.

What makes Humana so different?

Humana is different in that it doesn’t just hard sell on their Medicare Part D plans, they also guide you through the whole Part D jungle. They actually help you understand Part D plans and make intelligent decisions. The company also keeps track of your costs – its sends out a monthly Smart Summary RxSM statement indicating the drugs you bought for the month and how much you spent.

This summary state can be viewed online on your personal Humana page. Your personal home page also comes with an Rx calculator to help estimate drug costs.

Of course, a complete education on Part D and the tracking feature on its website are not the only things that makes Humana different. With a lot of choices between its Part D plans, you get more than the sum of a prescription plan.

Medicare approved Part D plans from Humana cover all common prescription drugs and come with benefits that usually better the minimum benefits provided by basic Medicare.

There are over 60,000 locations from which you can purchase your prescription drugs with a Humana Part D plan, including all major retailers such as Eckerd, Albertson's, CVS, Wal-Mart, Rite-Aid and many more besides.

Prescription drugs and much, much more:

When you enroll with one of Humana's prescription drug plans, you get a lot more than just coverage alone. Enrollees get their own secure web page which offers a host of services and resources to help you manage your health and make better informed decisions regarding healthcare matters.

Additionally, there is an online drug store offering a home delivers service via mail. If the medication that you require isn't covered by the Humana prescription drug plan, there is a service offering discount drugs for a variety of medication additional to the formulary (such as hair loss medication or other 'non-essential' meds).

More on Medicare Part D

Although Medicare prescription drug plans are not required under the Medicare act, they are nonetheless very helpful and can save enrollees a considerable amount of money each year, particularly if you are a regular user of one or more prescription drugs.

The reactions to Part D have been mixed – some praise it while others rue it for making prescription drugs more inaccessible. With a Humana prescription drug plan, most agree that you definitely get a good deal, as you get benefits that are additional to the drug coverage, plus the added security that you will get whatever you require (within the confines of your policy), when you need it.