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Licensed Medicare Part D agents represent virtually every insurer in the United States. No one knows the rules and regulations of the Medicare industry better than the local insurance agent.

Medicare Insurance Plans – Your Online Resource for All Things Medicare is the official US government resource for all matters related to Medicare. It was established in order to field the frequent Medicare related questions asked by customers and to provide insightful information to ensure that the public is getting the most out of their Medicare plans.

Is a flawless success, a dismal failure or, as is often the case with government web sites, to be greeted with total indifference?

The web site offers facilities to compare Medigap policies and drug and health plans, seek information regarding the prescription drug coverage gap, find up to date formularies, enroll in Medicare and check enrollment status. also offers useful information regarding medical facilities, enabling customers to find a local doctor, compare hospitals, nursing homes and home care facilities, source medical equipment and plan for long term care. Site Analysis

The web site is divided into four basic categories with sub-categories therein:

1)  Manage Your Health

This category focuses mainly on preventive measures for customers. Sub-categories include:

  • Preventive services
  • Flu shots
  • Preventive service checklist
  • Online management of individual’s health information

2) Medicare Basics

This category focuses on the core aspects of, such as the four basic plans. Sub-categories include:

  • Medicare benefits
  • Plans A through D
  • Coverage options
  • Eligibility/enrollment
  • Claims
  • Financial assistance

3) Resource Locator

This is where visitors to find all the useful resources to get the most out of Medicare. Sub-categories include:

  • Quality care locator
  • Hospital comparison
  • Nursing home comparison
  • Home assistance comparison
  • Dialysis assistance
  • Physician comparison
  • Online plan finder
  • Supplemental policy search
  • Long term care assistance
  • Formulary locator
  • Various forms
    …and much more information besides.

4) Help and Support has a comprehensive support section to make sure visitors can manage this often complex government initiative. Sub-categories include:

  • Contact
  • index
  • FAQs
  • Important contact information
  • A glossary
  • Card replacement
  • Personal details section
  • Complaints and grievances
  • Fraud and abuse section

In addition to these services, has links to the latest Medicare news and most frequently used services, so customers can access the most up to date information direct from their homepage. The site is intuitive and well designed, as should be expected of any government web site that deals with a multitude of queries, several informative pages and public-interest matters.

The Service Website offers an interactive service to users to help them better navigate the web site and access the information that is most relevant to them, quickly and easily.

The service has interactive demos for all of its facilities to aid understanding of the site and its services. These easy to follow, animated guides give the user a step by step tour of the site and all a user has to do to use the service is create an account in a matter of minutes. tour categories include:

The comprehensive tour looks at each service with great detail and allows Medicare subscribers to manage their own accounts without having to rely on the assistance of others. This recent addition to has been hailed as a great addition by users, as it gives people the freedom to make their own choices with regards to their Medicare coverage and their own unique requirements. Successfully Cracking the Medicare Maze?

As an insurance industry professional that has nothing to gain from this review, my opinion is objective. I have spent years dissecting various industry web sites and trying to ascertain what makes them a success or a failure.

It was with an element of skepticism that I approached the task of reviewing, a government site whose subject matter has been under much criticism since the 1960’s as one of the most convoluted and complex initiatives ever presented to the US senate.

If this was a Roman amphitheatre and I was called upon to give a crucial thumbs up or thumbs down response, I wouldn’t think twice. would live to fight another day.

The site is well laid out, intelligently formatted, intuitive and ably straddles the issue of providing such a wealth of information in a manner that is at once useable and quick to navigate.

The task of creating was formidable, and it has undoubtedly grown organically since its conception –as any decent site should- taking into account the needs of its users and a good deal of common sense solutions.

These solutions include intelligent categorization of subjects, the addition of flash media to present a fantastic site tutorial and sympathy to its core user demographic- those aged 60 and above.

In the same instance, it’s hard to get excited about Just like a toothbrush, it’s functional and essential, but you don’t look forward to using it. is a worthy online representation of a (despite a few flaws) worthy initiative that needs a decent, well built, comprehensive online solution to make it more accessible to the masses. There are few sites, particularly in the medical/insurance field that achieve this in matters that aren’t nearly as complex.

To sum it up in a single sentence: makes a tough job look easy.

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