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Licensed Medicare Part D agents represent virtually every insurer in the United States. No one knows the rules and regulations of the Medicare industry better than the local insurance agent.

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Part D Enrollment- When Can I Enroll in prescription drug plans?

Unlike Medicare Parts A and B, take up of which is almost universal amongst eligible individuals, enrollment requires an active decision on the part of a beneficiary to participate and it is up to an individual to make sure that they enroll in time. When a person first becomes eligible for Medicare they can choose from amongst the many government approved Part D plans which are issued by private health insurance companies and enroll for up to six months into their initial eligibility. Should a person choose not to participate in Medicare part D enrollment during that time they must wait until the next open enrollment period, usually November 15th thru December 31st every year, before doing so without penalty.

When Can I change Part D Plans?

The open enrollment period that runs from November 15th thru December 31st each year is the time when those already enrolled in a Medicare Part D plan can review their coverage and switch to a different plan if necessary.

Why Would I change Part D Plans?

To make the most of Prescription drug insurance coverage you need to choose a plan that provides the best coverage for the specific prescription medications that you take on a regular basis. This means that the plan that works so well for your neighbor may be completely unsuitable for you, since chances are that you take completely different drugs to maintain your health.


This may of course change over time, and it may be that the plan that fit your needs perfectly in the past now does not offer the best coverage for new medications you may find yourself taking. Insurance companies change their co pay and drug formularies quite often so it makes sense to take advantage of the open insurance enrollment period to review other plans on the market to see if they offer a better deal than your current plan is giving you.

Where Can I get Help Comparing Enrollment Options?

There are tools available at the CMS website that helps determine by drug which plans may best suit your needs. This tool can be confusing to use though and the volume of traffic to the entire website means that it often takes days to access the relevant pages. Talking to a licensed independent insurance agent can be a great help when making the best choice of Medicare insurance comparison from the many that are available.