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Licensed Medicare Part D agents represent virtually every insurer in the United States. No one knows the rules and regulations of the Medicare industry better than the local insurance agent.

Medicare Insurance Plans

Enrollment for Part D Plan

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Enrollment for Prescription Drug Plan

There are some significant changes to be made for Medicare Part D enrollment. The best way to enroll yourself in the Medicare D insurance plan is to know that when you can enroll yourself in the plan. There are mainly two main periods for enrolling yourself in Medicare D plan: Annual enrollment period (AEP) and Open Enrollment period (OEP).

The Annual enrollment period always keep on enrolling beneficiaries and introducing new plans to Medicare D whereas on the other hand open enrollment period can only be available from January 1-March 31.

In this period only senior citizens and disabled people can judge that whether the plan they are using is beneficial for them or not. If they are not satisfied with the present plan then they can get themselves enrolled in the new plan.

Moreover there are number of options for the people who want to get themselves enroll in the plan. If you want to get benefits of costlier drugs then you should have Medicare D plan on your side. Mostly all the private insurers do not provide these drugs benefits scheme.The main purpose of prescription drug enrollment is that some people can make changes in their existing Medicare plan while some can simply register themselves enroll in the new plan. If one is unable to change his plan then he/she should wait for the next year plan to come, as these plans and policies keeps on changing every year.

One can easily switch their current plan to some other plan to get extra benefits and coverage’s.

Medicare D is one of the insurance plan in which government can provide quality health for senior citizens and disabled persons. You can also control the cost of the medications by enrollment.

You can also shop online to compare the plans for 2012 in order to save time, effort and money. There are many points to be kept in mind while going for online shopping like: you should always check whether prescription drugs are included or not and always compare plans of previous year with present plan.

It is estimated that more than 25 million Medicare beneficiaries receive their government regulated prescription coverage through prescription drug plan. The elders who all are turning 65 can immediately sign up for Medicare benefits and become liable to receive the benefits under the Part D program. At the time of enrolling, it is of paramount important to review all options and alternatives so that you can choose those plans which best suites your needs.

The one who do not take any medications currently are still considered to be qualified to enrol in insurance plan. Initially, they can enrol in insurance plan by paying lower premium rate instead of paying extra premium costs, which is added later in your enrolment.

Somehow, if due to any reasons you do not enrol in an insurance plan during the initial enrolment period and decided to enrol later on then the Medicare Part D program will add 1% increase in your Part D premium. Say, if you have decided to enrol after 10 months then your premium rates could increase by 10 percent.